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3345Wedding and Reception

3345 Sandpiper Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia

We have rented a beautiful beach house for our ceremony and reception. The name of the house is Sizzle. It is located on the bay side in Sandbridge. We will hold the ceremony in the back yard overlooking the bay Saturday September 20, 2014 at 4:00pm. A cocktail hour will immediately follow the ceremony. The reception with a buffet style dinner, drinks, and a great party will follow at the same location.



Dress is business casual. Ladies, flip flops or flats are best due to the grass, sand, and gravel :) Men, no jackets required.



Parking at the house is very limited. There is some parking available on the street. The wedding date is considered “off season”, but the street parking may still be taken. Please only park in marked parking to avoid being towed. Just past the house, about a mile down the road is Little Island Park. There is a large parking lot and we ask that you park there preferably. We will have a golf cart that will be marked, driving down the street and making frequent trips back and forth to the parking lot to pick you up and take you to the house as well as back to your car at the end of the night.

Driving Directions

Merge onto I-64 E toward Norfolk / VA Beach. 23.0 Mi
Take the Newtown Rd exit, EXIT 284B. 1.4 Mi
Merge onto I-264 E / Norfolk-Virginia Beach Expy. 1.9 Mi
Take the Independence Blvd exit, EXIT 17A, toward Princess Anne. 0.3 Mi
Merge onto VA-410 E via the ramp on the left. 7.8 Mi
Turn left onto Princess Anne Rd / VA-149 E. 2.0 Mi
Turn right onto VA-615 / Princess Anne Rd. 0.8 Mi
Stay straight to go onto Sandbridge Rd. 5.3 Mi
Turn right onto Sandpiper Rd. 2.6 Mi
3345 SANDPIPER RD is on the right.

Things to Do

Sandbridge is a less populated beach than the main Virginia Beach oceanfront. It is great for family vacations and relaxing. There are a few restaurants located in Sandbridge near the wedding site. There is also a park nearby which includes a fishing pier, basketball and volleyball courts, and nature trails. There is a rental company in Sandbridge as well that will rent anything from beach cruisers to kayaks.
The Virginia Beach Oceanfront and main strip are about 6-7 miles from Sandrbridge. There is lots to do there with many restaurants and shops, an amusement park and live entertainment.
Ocean Breeze Water Park is also nearby and the Virginia Aquarium!

Hotel Accommodations

There are many hotels that are located a short distance from the wedding house at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. If you need specific recommendations just give Michelle or Ryan a call!


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  1. Kathy Krueger
    Kathy Krueger

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    ^ WTF?These markers test genetic ancestry, not pigmentation traits.For pigmentation you’d need to look at genes like HERC2, and not just any SNPs all over the genome.Although genetic ancestry does correlate with pigmentation to a large degree, it doesn’t determine the precise results for individuals.

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